Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Peter Pan

Today I go to go with Tayja's class of first graders to see Peter Pan at the Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis.

After the show I asked Tayja if she thought I could fly.

She said, "Of course not!"

Why not I asked. Do you think I am too fat?

"No," she said. "Peter Pan has enough fairy dust to lift you."

Well, why not I pressed.

"You are too OLD," she explained. "You have to be a little kid to fly. I think that is why he did not want to grow up."



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I think this is a crab apple tree.

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Feet Cleaning

Photo by Roxana Saad
Blue gets her feet cleaned.

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Photos by Roxana Saad
Tayja always wins. She loves to score more points than I score.

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Shopping List

One of Tayja's chores is to keep the shopping list up-dated. One of Blue's chores is to warm the couch.

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