Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blogs must be a lot of work - email from Lynnda

Robin --

With all you are posting to your blog, you must never be able to get up from your computer! I have to go visit someone with cable connection for all those videos...

It wouldn't hurt to do a bit of labeling/explaining/backround on your wonderful visual images, like "Sam is just a rank beginner so we are working on a short line and reinforcing indicating the articles which have been placed only 30 to 50 steps apart. Sam's indication of articles -- pawing -- has been worked on with a clicker away from the tracking field."

Speaking of articles, Judi of the Audible Nose comments in her chapter on Articles [page 128]:

"Each track has to have an article at the end. There’s no way to do any other kind of training (adding length, ageing, etc.) without an article at the end. You can’t separate out and set aside the article problem and plan to work on that later on. So poor article indications will solidify, really get entrenched, because the dog is confronted with an article on each track."

I thought that was a great point.

I do want to let you know the photos of the birds were lovely.

Got to go --

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