Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tayja's Garden

I think I have ripe tomatoes before the folks next door for two reason.

Tayja talks to the plants and uses the water I save when I clean out her fish tank. It is stinky stuff that has a lot of organic fertilizer floating in it.

I am almost sure that plants in pots get more heat on their roots promoting growth. I have one tomato planted in the grow. It is way behind the ones we put in pots. It gets the same weekly watering with recycled fish tank water and Tayja chatter that the other tomatoe plants receive. The only differences are the pots and the soil. The stuff in the pots is a better mix than the stuff in the ground.


theCloth said...

All three of these put smiles on my face.

I really love the way the tomato is peeking out of the green foliage.

Dog_geek said...

The tomato picture made me hungy - it looks delicious! Nice flower pictures, too!