Monday, October 6, 2008

A Patch of Grass

Every day I drive by this patch of ornamental grass. It glows in the sunlight. Everyday I think, wow. I should to and take a photo. So I did. I did not capture the glory of the patch. I guess I'll keep trying.

I used different shutter speeds and f-stops, shot in to the light, shot across the light, shot from above the seed heads and shot from below the seed heads. Still these photos all look the same to me.

Next time we have a sunny day here, I'll try with a wide angle lens to show the size of the patch.


Holly said...

two things.

1. I like it as it is

2. thank goodness you don't get all those perfect shots first time trying! Here I am trying to live up to what I see you do and f-a-i-l!

theCloth said...

You did a fine job with the grasses. I think it smart you used a dark background to really make them stand out.