Wednesday, November 5, 2008

LeBron James for President!

I had been telling Tayja for the last six months that I was voting for LeBron James for president.

I have been campaigning (around the house) for him. I made buttons, a yard sign (that neither Tayja nor Roxana would let me put in the yard) and held a rally that only Tayja, Red and Blue bothered to attend - and they only came for the snacks.

On election day morning Tayja told me that we had to talk about something important.

And what would that be?

She said, "Robin, I know you love Lebron James a lot."

Yes, I do! Have you seen the way he attacks the basket?

"I know he is an excellent basketball player," she said, patting my hand. "BUT you can't vote for him for president. "

Why not? I asked.

"Just because he is an excellent basketball player doesn't mean that he would be an excellent president," she said. "I told you that before! You really should think about that, Robin."

But I like him the best of all basketballers, I said. He is the best in the world!

"Yes. I know. You told me!" Tayja rolled her eyes and sighed.

"You need to vote for someone who would be an excellent president. You should vote for Obama. He plays basketball AND he would be an excellent president. You think about it, okay?"

Okay, I told her, you changed my mind. Beacuse you think Obama would be a better president than LeBron James, I will vote for Obama.

"Good job, Robin!" she said.


Holly said...

that kid never fails to put a smile on my face. Never.

You do such a good job with her Robin, she's a lucky lucky young woman.

theCloth said...

Yes, there's an adult trapped in a little girls body:) I'd say she has more political savvy than 40 percent of the USA voters.

Oh yeah, that 40% figure has nothing to do with McCain's numbers:)

Anonymous said...

This is the best Tayja post yet. What a kid . . .

some random female said...

This one belongs in the book, Robin!