Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dog training goals

My goals for Blue include basic social skills and team work.

I want her to sit, down and go to mat (and stay there) regardless of the distractions.

I want a rock solid come to front and either side, her to stay with me while working off lead, a supervised separation (so she'll allow a helper to hold her in agility class), and her to ignore other dogs even if they jog towards and then pass her with their handler.

I want to be able to leave her in a down stay while I walk the rally course.

I want Blue to be able to play with me and a toy anywhere.

I want Blue to be able to run with me (circle work) without herding me.

My goals for Red are fewer.

I want him to happily get into his car crate.


Jane said...

What are Blue's goals?

Robin Sallie said...

Blue tells me thaqt her goal for me is More cookies! Less talking!

Jane said...

That is a good goal for all of us. More cookies! Less talking!

Roxanne said...

Aren't there shirts that say something like, Bark Less, Wag More? It could a whole franchise ... Forget the Cues! More Cookies!