Saturday, June 14, 2008

Aussie Dog Show - Part 2


Tracy said...

She isn't an aussie, but I really like that last one. I like the way the sunlight falls through the holes in the hat and onto her face.

Paige said...

That last shot should be in a magazine

*Sarah* said...

I LOOOVVVVEEEE those dogs. They might be my favorite. So gorgeous, especially that one's colors. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Holly said...

wow. So much to omment on.

First, every single kid is darling (but I am partial to that last one).

Second, the details when you click on the photos are great. In the first one, that little girl is biting her lip. in the third one, the jeweled lead is a nice detail. Next, the little dark haired boy with the blue eyed merle is very cute, it almost looks like he is suking his lip in. The shot of the two boys and their dogs is precious. The dogs look happy and soft in their faces and the boys look intent on what someone is saying to them. Everything about the dog in the crate is interesting, from the coat color, the eye color to the bars on the crate. The photo of the merle with the kids hand nearly over his nostrils is very cute....the dog looks like hey...I'd like to breath here!

But that last puppy in the hat, she is my favorite. Good shot of the shadows and sunlight coming through the holes in the hat.