Friday, June 27, 2008

My Garden - part 2

Blue samples a tomato leaf. Silly dog!

The peppers are starting to show themselves.

The potatoes have lovely flowers.

This sunflower will open first. Tayja started it in a cup at school as part of her science project.

One cumcumber is ready to be eaten.

The tomatoes are the size of a marble.

Blue runs the fence line to make sure tht all is right with her sunflowers. I did sneak one tomatoe plant in the sunflower border. Do you think anyone will notice?


theCloth said...

I wish I had a garden. My HOA won't allow it. My neighbor has planted a tomato plant in a large flower pot. You must be having fun with your plants.

Holly said...

I bought plants this year but due to the house being painted did not get them in the ground. Next year!