Saturday, June 21, 2008

My garden

Tayja planted sunflowers along the back fence. I did not do a very good job removing the grass.

The first pot has two pepper plants, two egg plants and two cucumber plants. The second pot has two tomato plants. The third pot has too many pototoe plants, one sunflower that Tayja started in school and one pumpkin plant also started in school. The fourth pot has three tomato plants. The fifth (little) pot has parsley, basil and an artichoke plant.
I think I over did the tomatoes.

I had to put up a fence to keep Blue's big feet on the sunflowers and Red from marking the pots. Darn dogs.


Holly said...

I am sooooo not good with container gardens. I forget to water them.

Jane said...

I finally figured out a way to remember to water my window boxes: I go out and drench 'em when the dogs are pottying before dinner.

I figured if I worked it into a an already established routine it might go better.

So far it's working well.


some random female said...

I envy you the sunflowers. The last time I tried them, my slug population went to town on the wee babies and less than 25% of what I put in survived. There's no way I could get away with leaving grass there.