Friday, February 22, 2008

Did the dog grab the reporter without warning?

Watch this video a few times and observe the dog before the bite. Watch for:
1) The dog licks his nose.
2) The dog's ears go back.
3) The dog's body stiffens.
4) The dog stars directly at the reporter.


Howdy from Texas said...

Man we could see that one coming, couldn't we? You'd think the handler would have too. Su would react like that to that approach, but would not bite just snarl, still scares people! So I have learned to watch for it. Bet both those guys are more careful in the future! :)

That tooth moved though, didn't it?

Myra Kotrla, and Su

Anonymous said...

...And then the guy leans OVER the dog and that's when it snaps at him. Of course this is a lot easier to see in slow-mo.

BTW, this dog didn't *bite*; he did an impressive snarl-snap and showed lots of teeth, but as far as I can tell the reporter wasn't damaged. It was a warning, not a bite. I think if the dog had actually wanted to make serious contact, he could have done so very easily.

- LB

Holly said...

the dog never closed his mouth on the face of that reporter and said human was lucky the dog didn't want to rip his face off. The dog pulled back but there was nowhere to go, the handler was right behind him.

theCloth said...

We changed the name of our blog, didn't we?

This is why I keep my distance from dogs. I'll look for these signs the next time someone says "he won't bite".

Beth said...

Wow. that dog certainly was telegraphing, but the handler probably couldnt get a good read. Plus who leans over the top of a police dog???? Excellent bite inhibition.