Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's a little cold here.

The weather today is why I did not leave the house today.

12am -5° Feels Like -17°F

3am -4°F Feels Like -10°F

6am -4°F Feels Like -14°F

9am -2°F Feels Like -17°F

12pm 4°F Feels Like -11°F

3pm 7°F Feels Like -8°F

6pm 7°F Feels Like -5°F

10pm 7°F Feels Like -3°F

So all I have to offer is video.


*Sarah* said...

Sounds like today! 1 degree at the moment feels like -15 :( But unfortunately I do have to leave the house, boo! :(

Robin Sallie said...

I say *a little cold* because for much of the weekend we were down at about -40. Yes, that is 40 degrees colder than zero.

Holly said...

eyes bug out.....


Jane said...

Brrrrr! I left the house Sunday only to take two of the dogs to an indoor play group.

I entertained in the evening and successfully conned a couple friends into leaving their warm home and bringing pizza to mine.


Anonymous said...

My goodness. I'm going have to come out there to experience this extreme cold myself one day, as soon as I get enough fashionable cold weather gear. Old guys have to look good:)

-- Cloth