Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tayja Reads to Roxana (while Red naps)

Tayja is reading chapter three of "Goldie" by Ellen Miles, which is part of the Puppy Patrol series. The book is listed at the 3.5 grade reading level (but I think it is easier than that.) The book is about a kid who really really wants a puppy but the kid's mother does not. So they become a foster family for a golden puppy who lost it's home because of a fire.

We will be slowly working our way through the entire series. I think all are about fostering various breeds. Maybe I can talk Tayja into fostering instead of wanting a Dalmatian puppy.

Note: This is my photo for Feb 17.

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Holly said...

I LOVE this picture. Rox is holding Red's tail and is intently listening to T but (unless I'm mistaken) she's got her other hand on T's head. What a warm attentive picture this presents.