Saturday, March 22, 2008

LeBron James

Only Roxana knows of my addiction to Cleveland, Ohio pro basketball, but I am about to out my self. The first time I photographed LeBron James, he was a skinny St Vincent St Marys High School freshman. He graduated from high school, skipped college and went directly in to the pros. Now he is the all-time leading scorer for the Cleveland Cavaliers team (as well as leading the NBA this season in scoring.)

Numbers Fit For A King

Statistical numbers highlighting LeBron James becoming the Cleveland Cavaliers all-time leader in points scored during the regular-season. Totals through Friday's game:

4 - Number of teams LeBron has scored 500 or more career points against (Milwaukee 533, Chicago 518, Indiana 513, Toronto 504)

5 - Games of 50 or more points (3-2 record)

19 - Career triple-doubles (13-4 regular-season, 2-0 playoffs)

23 - Uniform number

24 - Number of states (and Washington D.C.) points scored in

25 - Point margin over previous record holder Brad Daugherty

27.2 - Percentage of team points scored since turning pro

27.4 - Career points per game average

54 - Number of teammates he's played with

56 - Most points in game (March 20, 2005 at Toronto)

90.27 - Seconds per points, career

103 - Career double-doubles

379 - Number of games started

380 - Number of games played

495 - Career 3-point field-goals made

517 - Points scored in California (most outside of Ohio)

2,073 - Most points scored, month (March)

2,391 - Career free-throws made

2,428 - Most points scored, division (Atlantic)

3,764 - Career field-goals made

3,789 - Points scored after the All-Star Break

3,877 - Points against Western Conference teams

4,411 - Points scored in games lost

5,147 - Points scored at home

5,267 - Points scored on the road

6,003 - Points scored in game won

6,537 - Points against Eastern Conference teams

6,625 - Points scored before the All-Star Break

10,414 - Career points scored

38,263 - Points scored by the Cavaliers in the LeBron era


theCloth said...

You forgot:

1 The known number of groupies in Burnsville, MN.

Sorry, I couldn't resist:)

Paige said...

Huh. Does this love extend to all things basketball or just this man?

I am not a fan of pro ball, but high school and college ball makes me crazy--evidently it is genetic, as I got it from my mom.

I have had some brushes with soon to be famous players, but not taking pictures of them. I once was groped by LaPhonso Ellis in high school though-that was probably the first brush. lots mroe after that though!