Friday, March 21, 2008

A Minnesota Spring

I took these photos at 12:30 pm on the second day of my second Minnesota spring. As soon as the snow stops I'll go shovel the driveway. Again. Sigh.

"What's this? Did the kid say that it is spring?"

"If I go fast enough, maybe my feet won't get cold!"
(Ms. Blue is quietly watching Casey in the yard behind us.)

"Faster! I must go faster!"


"I can go fast, too!"


Holly said...

I love the comments under the photos. Good job Robin. Does Mr. Red freeezzzeee in this weather?

Robin Sallie said...

He doesn't move slow enough to get cold. He zooms and zooms and zooms between very brief potty sessions.

theCloth said...

My goodness, when does it stop snowing up there? You're a brave soul.