Friday, March 14, 2008

Random thoughts from Lynnda

Lynnda wrote in an email----

= Tayja sure made a birthday haul. I noticed the shot of her and the pile of unopened boxes, including the shipped-in ones. She looked appreciative of all her gifts. What a cute cake.

= Your blog has been emphasizing visual images but you should consider writing *how* you trained your dogs to do things at home. Like how you got Red to put a toy in his mouth when he gets excited with visiters. Or discouraging Blue from reacting to the quick movements of small humans [or was that easy for her?].

Lynnda L

*Note: It is Lynnda that you keep seeing in the videos with Red and with the Dals. She is my agility teacher and a dear friend.


Holly said...

and don't forget to post your tips for photos.....

Jane said...

I second what Lynnda said!

(I would second what Holly said also, but I think I am beyond hope or tips when it comes to photography.)

MY tip to anyone would be: Beg Robin into taking pictures for you.

Speaking of which, can I come by tomorrow and get a picture of Finn holding his Easter basket . . .?

Anonymous said...

Robin, you take beautiful and interesting photos. If it pleases you to be a photo-blogger, than that's what you should do.

Me, I miss reading about your question/answer sessions with Tayja. You are an AWESOME writer, and I think you have a book in you.

Donna F.