Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Photo Challege

Pick one subject. It can be a dog, cat, horse, pig, human, an object, a room, a barn, a house or a color. It can be anything that can hold your interest for five straight days. Photograph that same subject for those five days. Shoot from above, below, behind, in front and every other angle you can manage.

Shoot from close, far and in between. Note the colors and details. Use a flash. Use available light. Use every lens in your bag.

Post at least five photos per day of that same subject. Do it for five days running.

I pick Blue.

A Study in Blue (day one)


theCloth said...

I'll take the challenge in a few days. On Saturday I had a paying job and have to do some other photo work.

Now what should I choose as my subject?

I've got it, my desk! Heck, I'll be tied to it for 2 days:)

Holly said...

shoot those angles each day?

Tracy said...

You're on!

Robin Sallie said...

Shoot as much and as differently as you can each day, Holly. Explore your subject.

Holly said...

alrighty, starting tomorrow.....hmmmmmmm, a horse? a dog? a non-live subject?

so many possible little time to decide!

Paige said...

Hmmm...I will try--- I will choose probably one of the babies. Or maybe one of the dogs. We shall see what presents itself, I guess