Friday, March 21, 2008

A Tayja Spring part 2

Tayja let Blue outside.

"OOOOH NOO! Robin! Robin! Come look!"

I sprint to the door thinking something bad has happen to Blue.

Nope. GSD is happy plowing through snow up to her considerable chest. More of the foul winter stuff is falling briskly on Blue's back making her dark coat glisten.

"Oooh! Look it is snowing. How can it snow?"

It has been snowing most days all winter, I point out.

"Yes, but its not winter anymore! It is spring yesterday."

It snows in the spring.

"No it doesn't! The flowers and grass come in the spring! My teacher said so."

Okay. It is spring right?

"Yesterday was spring."


"Don't say yep. That's not polite. Say yes."

Sigh. It is also rude to tell someone they are not polite, I remind. Yesterday was the first day of spring. Which makes today the second day of spring. And it is snowing. So it does snow in the spring.

"No. You don't know everything. Today is winter again. Because it is snowing."


Anonymous said...

Holly is right. There is a book here. A mom, her daughter and their dogs discussing the seasons.

Holly said...

you mean for 51 years I had NO idea that it only snows in winter and that seasons can change from spring back to winter back to spring?

slaps self up side of the head