Monday, March 17, 2008

Taya Boxing

Along with working on Karate lessons most days, I have been teaching Tayja to box. I coached, judged and refereed youth boxing (and kick boxing) for many years.

Tayja has not yet seen the point of keeping her hands up.

Photo by Roxana Saad

Photo by Roxana Saad


Jane said...

Tayja, you look too sweet to hit anybody. Even with boxing gloves on.

Holly said...

that child is so full of joy it bubbles out of her.

Robin Sallie said...

She laughs, giggles and wiggles her way thru out at home karate and boxing lessons. When she is in Karate class she is much more serious but still does *a lot* of smiling.

Her God Father suggested that I get her to wear a mouth guard to keep her from smiling while punching. I don't think that will help with the wiggling and giggling.

theCloth said...

Those sports are suppose to build self-confidence among other things I suppose.

With that smile and those eyes it looks like Tayja has all the confidence anyone could ever want.

She's a cutie pie.