Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Photo Tip for today

I took a photo of the Blue-dog over the deck rails. (Tayja puts that ugly scarve on the poor dog every morning so Blue doesn't have to be "nekkid.")

Then I took the photo thurough the deck rails. It changes the mood of the photo and adds a layer of interest.

It is a still different and more interesting photo in my opinion when I zoomed in and turned the camera to vertical.

And now I just show one of Blue's eyes watching me.

Tech notes: All the photos were spot focused (in auto ) on Blue's right eye. My ISO was 100. Shutter speed was 1/250. My F-stop was f/4.0 on the ones through the fence and f/5.6 on the first one. I used a 70 to 200 mm zoom lens set at 120.0 mm on all (except the first photo). The eye photo was cropped out of a larger frame. I picked f/4 as my f-stop for through the rails because I wanted Blue's eye and muzzle to be sharp but I wanted just a hint of the deck rails. Blue was below and about five feet way from the rails. I used an ISO was 100 because I knew that I had plenty of light with the brightness reflecting off of the snow. The day is overcast which is a very pretty time to take photos out side.


Anonymous said...

But it's okay for Red to be nekked?

Robin Sallie said...

She says the Blue is her dog and Red is my dog. And, Tayja says, if I don't want to dress my dog every morning, she can't really worry too much about it. She did give me a blue bandanna for Red. I think she put it on him one time. I'd be hard pressed to find it but I bet Tayja knows where it is. I'll get her to dig it out and take Red's photo in it just once...

Holly said...

have I ever mentioned what a gorgeous girl that Blue dog is? Great photos of a marvelous girl.