Saturday, March 15, 2008

Photos for March 15

I attended my very first doggy weight pull contest. I went to help out and ended up taking more than 600 photos and about 20 minutes of video. I will spare you the agony of looking at all that crap. I'll post a few photos tonight and maybe a bit of video early next week.


Anonymous said...

Wow. These are fantastic!

Where was this held?

theCloth said...


Great pictures. I can tell you spent a lot of time to some of these great shots. I think being a photojournalist first helped you to develop your eye. These animals seem so "human" at times.

You and I put own family picture and other items on our blogs which have no intention of impressing our peers, photographically. But sometimes we have show we can hang with the Big Dogs.

I think Holly was a photographer in another life. It's the only way I can explain her talent.

Robin Sallie said...

The event was put on by the MN Mixed Breed Club that was kind enough to let be be a member with my AKC dogs.

We held it at a Gage & Gage warehouse in south of the river in Shakopee.

Holly said...

I laughed right out loud at the Sammy giving the people a piece of his/her mind with that open mouth. And the puppy that had just run right over a canine friend. VERY funny! I think the weight pulling looks like a blast, did they have carting there? I've seriously considered doing that.

Holly said...

and photo 16.....WHAT was that?????? Was that poor nekkid doggie not frozen?

The brown dog below him, looks like he has had. it. thank. you. very. much.

Anonymous said...

WOW... you got some AWESOME shots!! I definitely will have to email you about buying some!

By the way... that nek-kid doggie is my Crested, Toby. Nope he wasn't frozen - it was an indoor pull! And he wore his Woolrich Lumberjack coat and hat to the pull, so he was toasty!

The lil Pom is mine too. Kinda the ying-yang of the dog hair world. :)

Holly said...

Dana, you are funny. I thought that was a crested but just couldn't imagine a crested at a weight pull in March in Minnesota. And what weight did he pull? The Pom was darling too.

Anonymous said...

I think the 12th is my favorite. It's a beautiful portrait of both person and dog.

But a lot of them are close runner-ups (in terms of being my favorite).

Anonymous said...

Toby, the hairless Crested, pulled 117 pounds! Not bad considering we hadn't done it before.

We are going to practice for the next one.

Didn't she do an AWESOME job on the photos??!!!

Sahrene said...

Thank you for sharing your talent for taking amazing shots at a moment I want to remember forever. This was my first time weight pulling and Vixen the chocolate RB had a blast!

Once again thanks for sharing!!


Robin Sallie said...

MMBC is hosting 3 UKC obedience trials, 2 UKC weight pulls and 1 UKC family obedience trial on June 7th & 8th at the Washington County
Fairgrounds in Lake Elmo, MN.

The weight pull is on wheels.

Obedience, weight pull and family obedience will be outdoors on grass.

For more information and to download the premium please visit:

I can't wait to do outside dog photos! All at the same place at the same time. It will be a photographer's blast.

Also, the United German Shepherd Dog Alliance will be holding UKC
conformation shows at the same fairgrounds the same weekend and they will be offering Total Dog. For more information on the conformation shows visit their website -

Why Friday said...


Your photos are so candid- I can't wait to see more!

I have to give you a big high five, becasue I've shot indoors with no flash at these events and it's difficult, especially with them moving as quick as they do. But you managed to get a number of wonderful shots.

I hope we are going to compete in June, I'm glad to hear you are coming out- there should be quite a crowd.