Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Photo for March 26

My life has gone to the dogs.

"Cookie? Let's see."

"Follow the cookie! Follow the cookie! Follow the cookie!"

"I am down! Gimme the cookie?"

"We don't need no stinkin' cookies."

"You are getting sleepy.... Drop a cookie!"

"If you want me to jump it, show me the cookies!"


Holly said...

you know, I hear that all the time too....cookies! Cookies? Cookies now! Gimme the cookie! I wanna cookie!

Holly said...

oh...and my demanding crew isn't just dogs! It would be the littlest redhead too!

Anonymous said...

Cookie. Cookie. Cookie. Cookie.

:-) Adrienne

Anonymous said...

Linc: Cookies? That's okay. I'll get 'em myself when you to work.

Anonymous said...

At least show Java actually jumping over the darn Broad jump -- she seems to think it is a board, as in a board off the dogwalk or the teeter, so wants to put her feet on it. Yes, she has done her 2 Feet ON/Two Feet Off position on a Brad jump. She has thought about offering a Down on the Broad jump, like she does on the Pause TAble [which is sometimes has painted wood surface].