Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Growing with the challenge

A comment I left on Paige's blog:

I have found that taking a photo a day has expanded my mind a bit. I am taking the back roads to get places so I can spend time just looking (while I drive.)

And stories come from thinking about the new things I find to photograph. When I worked at a newspaper, the stories were someone else's mostly and my job was to illustrate them.

Now I can *own* both the words and the pictures.

(When I worked as a photojournalist at a daily news paper I didn't even make a new picture every day. Not even everyday that I worked. Soooo I am growing.)


Holly said...

I've found this too. I "see" things differently than I used to and I "see" more. I see them not only as part of the background but also as an individual snapshot. I "see" history now and I "see" my town as being unique and not just another small town USA

Paige said...

I am trying to do that, but it is so hard when all the daylight hours are taken up at work.

I will keep at it though--I have a great opportunity this weekend, the Mardi Gras dog parade in St Louis--always great pics to be taken there