Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Today's dog training

Today Red, Blue and I spent 11 am to 2:30 pm at Twin Cities Obedience Training Club to playing with Lynnda and her Dalmatians, Java and Sam.

Lynnda worked Red for me on being quiet and happy in a crate when I was where he couldn't see me. She used a clicker to shape him in to going into a strange kennel and staying with the door open while I was unloading the car. He would get a little nervous that I was leaving him when I'd walk out of sight but would respond to his name and the clicker.

Then I worked Red on a dog stay on his mat next to my chair while Lynnda and I ate lunch. After lunch Lynnda worked Red on foundation agility stuff - two by two weaves, banging the teeter, jumping, sending to the tunnel and coming to her hand.

He worked and played well for her (as long as he could see me.) He zoomed a couple of times but that is okay with me as I am trying to get the zoomies on cue. And he came back from zooming when called to hand. He tugged for Lynnda and retrieved his toy over jumps.

I put him in the kennel (with a treat and train on top) while we cleaned up the lunch stuff. Red screamed and barked between the rain of treats but stayed in the kennel. The door wasn't latched. (However I did not realize that fact until I was letting him out of the kennel.)

I put Red in the car were Blue had been waiting. I talked Lynnda thru mat work and look at that with Java. She didn't really need any help on the mat stuff as Java drives to her mat and will even drive thru the weave poles at speed to her mat. It is very cool to watch her work.

I make Java nervous so Lynnda used me for the look at that. I had cheese on the floor around me while I was laying on the floor taking photos. Lynnda would release her to come eat the cheese from around my head. Once Java was comfortable, I did hand targets, fronts, sits and begs with her.

Lynnda put Java in a crate with a treat and train on top and I worked Blue in the next room. We played the two ball game, some fast sits and downs and a bit of mat work. And since my mat was in the car (silly me!) I used my sweat shirt as the mat.

I had to leave before Sam got to work because I had to pick up the kid from school. I had a great time playing with the dogs and hanging out with Lynnda. We plan to do it every Tuesday afternoon that I do not have duties in Tayja's classroom. Lynnda (and Cassia) plan to teach a nine week long Control Unleashed workshop at at TCOTC and let me assist! I can't wait.


Jane said...

How do you like your treat and train? How long have you had it for?

some random female said...

That's really neat. I'm jealous.
Donna (de-lurking, as only seems polite)