Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Photo Tip for today

If you leave the house, take the darn camera with you.

I left mine behind like I do most mornings when I am just driving the kid around the corner to school. Today on the way home I stopped at the drug store.

In the parking lot was a flock of turkeys. Could of / would of / should of been cool photos. Or at the very least not another photo of a dog or a horse.

It gets better (or worst if you are camera-less.)

One tom turkey in particular decided that it was *his* parking lot. He puffed up and menaced everyone entering or leaving the store.

Sigh. Alas, I only have my memories.

So if you leave the house, take your bloody camera.

That is the new photo rule to live by.


Paige said...

Hey finally a rule I am good at!

Even if it does just get me photos of dogs or horses!

Jane said...

Awwwwwwwww! What a shame.

My god, don't tell Cloth!

Jane said...

Years ago when I worked at a humane society in Colorado, we had a small barnyard for the various critters that would come in. At any given time we had poultry, goats, a few horses, a donkey, and even a pig or two.

For a while we had an especially obnoxious brown Tom turkey. Every time we'd go out to feed, he'd be there all puffed up and huffing and chuffing and strutting around. When he could get close enough, he'd bite. Hard. You couldn't even get the poultry feed out fast enough without being bitten.

Finally I started bringing out an extra bucket with me, and I would place it over his head when I walked through the gate. He'd strut around with the bucket on his head, and I could get the chores done without being bitten.

They say turkeys aren't the smartest, and this one was no exception: It took him at least a month to learn how to put his head down to make the bucket fall off. Thankfully he found his "forever home" soon afterwards when the manager took pity on us and adopted him.

I'd be scared off too if there was a big Tom turkey guarding the door!

Holly said...

Ack ack ack! I'll bet you were absolutely kicking yourself!